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The entire space is over 20,000 sq ft with four (4) separate volleyball courts. Phase II of construction is complete- separating the courts from our 2,500 sq ft Performance & Strength area as well as our restrooms. More about the space:

  • Over 14,000 sq ft of open space

  • Netting between the courts to help keep objects from interfering with adjacent courts

  • Retractable netting to create larger usable space

  • Courts are 90' x 40'

  • Overhead ceiling height of 26'

  • A/C and heat

  • SportCourt flooring over the top of high-tech shock absorbent underlayment


Our 2,500 sq ft Performance and Strength area is a major asset to the goals of Jax Skyline Sports. The space is leased and operated by Jax Performance Training- coordinated by Coach Alan Edwards.

Coach Edwards works closely with the athletes at Jacksonville Skyline, but also provides separate training for athletes and traditional clientele as well.

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