The entire space is over 20,000 sq ft with four (4) separate volleyball courts. Beginning in January of 2022, Phase II of our construction begins. This will separate the court space from our 2,500 sq ft Performance & Strength area as well as restrooms. More about the space:

  • Over 14,000 sq ft of open space

  • Netting between the courts to help keep objects from interfering with adjacent courts

  • Retractable netting to create larger usable space

  • Courts are 90' x 40'

  • Overhead ceiling height of 26'

  • A/C and heat (coming in October of 2022)

  • SportCourt flooring over the top of high-tech shock absorbent underlayment


Our 2,500 sq ft Performance and Strength area is a major asset to the goals of Jax Skyline Sports. The space is leased and operated by Jax Performance Training- coordinated by Coach Brandon Wright.

Coach Wright works closely with the athletes at Jacksonville Skyline, but also provides separate training for athletes and traditional clientele as well.