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Jax Skyline Sports (JSS) opened on August 1, 2021 and is the home of Jacksonville Skyline Juniors Volleyball Club. Owned and operated by Hugh and Stephanie Hernesman, JSS is the result of 3 years of market research and planning. 

Former collegiate volleyball coaches for over 20 years, Hugh and Steph started Jacksonville Skyline in August of 2017 with the sole purpose of helping youth volleyball athletes achieve their next-level dreams.

The 20,000 sq ft space is designed to give the athletes at Jacksonville Skyline as close to a "college-level" experience in terms of access to training and volleyball instruction. To do that, they needed a space that they could completely control that included a Performance & Strength space as well as nutrition and meal-prep. The result is JSS!

Jax Skyline Sports is excited to share their space with volleyball enthusiasts outside of the club as well as other outside activities.


  • Activity possibilities

    • Volleyball​

    • Indoor soccer/futsol

    • Pickleball

    • Cornhole

    • Banquets








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